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Drone Surveys & Inspections - New

Our drone service captures high quality data and images of your property for inspection surveys.

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Watch our drone service

in action!

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Surveys for all types

of properties:

Commercial sites


Leisure Facilities

Industrial units

Listed buildings and more...

Construction time management made easy.

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Hazardous locations

Offering the ability to reach hard to access or hazardous locations - the drone service can save time and costs for clients looking at their own portfolio of properties or potential development sites.

Construction Site

On-site updates & progress

On site surveys offer a helping hand to the on-site construction team delivering quick, high quality images and data that can be shared with all project stakeholders for site progress feedback. Surveys can offer updates and progress throughout any construction project especially at the end of a project to identify snagging points.

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General inspections can be carried out without the need for scaffolding and allow access to hazardous sites – quickly and safely – enabling working at height access without the need for ladders.

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Highlighting areas which are not visible to the naked eye. 

Commercial Landlords are using thermal surveys to identify areas which require repair such as water loss or energy. They can pinpoint issues which could lead to health concerns for occupants such as damp and mould.

DJI Phantom

Roof Investigations.

Aerial drone surveys can be carried out for roof investigations on any commercial property to identify leaks and hazards.

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But wait, there's more.

Our drone operators hold a commercial licence, and we are fully insured.

Type of drone 


Site surveys

Environmental impact

Roof repairs

Commercial surveys

Property photos/ videos

Aerial photos

Industrial facilities

Property inspection

Landlord services

Hazard spotting

Contact our team today

to discuss how our drone services can help on any project, whether to help with a new site purchase or identify hazards on existing sites.

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