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Calling all gamers!

We have worked with many gaming companies, if you need a creative office to inspire your employees keep reading ..........

Boost creativity with a well-designed office

Having a great office can have a real impact on your employee engagement and their levels of creativity. It can completely change how they feel about being at work and the levels of effort they are able to invest in your business. It will also make it easier to attract and retain the most talented employees in the industry.


Our approach

Whether you are looking to expand, relocate or change working practices, we can create the best office design for your business. We offer a Workplace Consultancy service where we can listen to your wants, needs, pain points and aspirations for your business so we can create a design that meets your immediate and long-term objectives.


Creating a mood for creativity

Designing an office space that reflects the artistic minds of your employees can help you build and foster a stronger creative culture in your business.  We can design your office to create the right mood for work, making it stimulating and fun to work in. We can theme areas with media reference, pictures, props and amazing wall murals.


Encouraging collaboration

We can help design the perfect mix of private spaces to work and slick breakout areas for collaboration. If exchanging ideas and sharing knowledge is important to your success, then the layout needs to let people easily spend time together. We can create people-friendly areas such as games rooms, bars or cafes for socializing.


3D CAD Visuals of your space

Rocket Projects can provide you with detailed sketches, plans and 3D CAD visuals to help you visualise your workspace. Throughout this design process, we will be transparent with costs so you will know what can be achieved with your budget.

Contact us on 01273 728703 or for a free consultation to get your project started.


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