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Re-work your space

In the last few months, we have been working with clients to create flexible workplace environments that work for the hybrid here and now and can be re-worked for the longer term, changing to adapt to the working practices of their teams and individuals.

We have therefore seen a rise in enquiries for space planning and re-work design ideas and we want to share our tips and recommendations.

So – here are a few ideas to create your new hybrid workspace:-


Sounds obvious but you need a plan – a space plan. What are the current pain points? How many desks do you want to keep or get rid of? If you want to create new zones does this mean you need to move lighting or power or smoke alarms? Where are the areas of most activity? Can you consider areas of alternating activity for when staff are in on a rotating hybrid basis? Are there any dead space areas that can be re-worked? If creating new zones, can this be helped by new contrasting flooring? Have you considered the ongoing need for social distancing spacing and hand sanitising stations?

Acoustic solutions

There are some beautiful designs for acoustic solutions in the workplace now - often this can be a significant chunk of your fit-out budget, however some firms now hire out acoustic booths on a monthly basis which is a great way to try before you buy. New products such as wedge desktop screens, free standing screens, wall panels and suspended panels all help to create noise solutions in new work zones.

Fluid Spaces

Visual distractions in the workplace can cost many hours lost. Incorporating divide solutions in your workplace with sliding partitions can create totally flexible space for your employees and less visual distractions. Repositional room dividers and collapsible privacy walls are great solutions for flexible working.

Resimercial design concepts

This style can help reduce stress and promote productivity with these features to make the office feel more like home - consider:

Comfortable seating Soft ambient lighting Flexible spaces Durable upholstery Residential-inspired accessories like rugs and lamps


Poor lighting can contribute to staff drowsiness and lack of focus. A popular current theme is to incorporate individually controlled lighting in your open plan areas, which can reduce stress significantly and can be used in conjunction with directional light sources such as blinds, angled lighting and glare filters to boost employee activity and wellbeing.

Working practices are constantly evolving and workspaces have to adapt to meet new industry expectations.

Our space planning design team operates at the cutting edge of design thinking, so we can ensure your workspace plan fits with modern working practices and gets your team working together – creatively and safely.

Contact our experienced team for a chat and a quote and let Rocket Projects launch you into your new space.

Email us at or call 01273 728703.

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