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Sustainability in action

Sustainability – how can we do it at work?

Having had a bit of time to think and reflect about the environments we live and work in over the last year, how can we actively look for environmentally sustainable ways to work in the construction industry?

At Rocket Projects, we aim to approach each new project the same. We will start by reviewing how our designs and construction processes are likely to impact waste production and disposal options.

We can incorporate your Environmental Policy. We understand that the environment is extremely important to our clients, many of whom have their own Environmental Policy. When this is the case we can take your policies and use our expert knowledge to deliver a design in line with your businesses objectives.

Choosing the right materials can make a huge difference.

Our choice of materials and fittings used in any refurbishment are immensely important. Appearance and practicality are always key, but there are nearly always solutions that have been manufactured from sustainable resources.

We will always closely monitor our construction processes, ensuring that all hazardous waste is appropriately disposed of. Wherever possible we will recycle waste materials and install energy saving products, which often have the additional benefits of reducing costs.

A Rocket Projects refurbishment project need not cost the earth.

Contact us on 01273 728703 for a free consultation to get your project sustainably started!

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